Highway's End

Highway's End plays high-energy acoustic music in southern New England.


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9/1Bluegrass Throedown


9/25Noon Tunes
8/14Slater Park Market
8/11Wood River Inn
6/8Gibson Hill Bluegrass Festival
3/23Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers Market
2/27Bluegrass Throedown
2/23Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers Market
2/10Wood River Inn


12/26Bluegrass Throedown
9/19Noon Tunes
8/26Wood River Inn
8/19Celebration of Life for Russell Hermansen
7/14Music in the Valley
6/8Exhibit 'A' Brewing
6/9Gibson Hill Bluegrass Festival
6/20Bluegrass Throedown
4/29Race to the Stage
4/25Bluegrass Throedown
4/8Wood River Inn
1/273cross Brewing Company
1/3Bluegrass Throedown
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12/16Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers Market
11/12Wood River Inn
8/2Bluegrass Throedown
7/9Wood River Inn
6/25Wood River Inn
6/17Monroe Strawberry Festival
6/10Hope Valley music series
5/13Gibson Hill Bluegrass Festival
4/293cross Brewing Company
4/22New England Folk Festival
4/15Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers Market
4/5Bluegrass Throedown
3/11Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers Market
2/18Joe Val Bluegrass Festival
2/8Bluegrass Throedown


11/30Bluegrass Throedown - Empires EP release
11/13Wood River Inn
10/30The Stomping Ground
10/83cross Brewing Company
10/2The Providence Flea
9/25Wood River Inn
9/10New England Homebrewer's Jamboree
8/13Pembroke Arts Festival with Cat and the Moon
7/22Appleton Farms
7/17Wood River Inn
6/19The Providence Flea
6/1Bluegrass Throedown
5/21Bluegrass on the Bogs
5/8Wood River Inn
4/9Jacky Boy Publik House
3/26502 Sessions
2/25Village Tavern Salem
2/14Wood River Inn
2/5Nick-A-Nee's with Frankie Ranks and the Freeloaders and High Planes
1/21Village Tavern Salem


12/16Bluegrass Throedown
11/11Bluegrass Throedown
10/18RIBA Band Showcase
8/30The Providence Flea
8/8Pembroke Arts Festival
8/1The Parlour with Frankie Ranks and the Freeloaders and Ghost Town Revival
5/14The Salon
5/16Blue Moon Coffee House
4/22Bluegrass Throedown
3/27Battleship Brewhouse
3/13The News Cafe with The Paisley Fields, Denver Boot


12/13Battleship Brewhouse
10/18Billy Hill's Roadhouse
10/4Battleship Brewhouse
9/27Manchester 65 with Santa Mamba
9/21Northwest Farmers Market
9/9Pawtucket Red Sox
9/5The Spot Underground with Silver Dahli and The Canyon Rays
8/17Northwest Farmers Market
8/10The Providence Flea
8/9Pembroke Arts Festival
8/2Battleship Brewhouse
7/13Northwest Farmers Market
7/1The Spot Underground
6/22Northwest Farmers Market
5/23Battleship Brewhouse
5/2Pawtucket Red Sox
4/26Dive Bar with Hollow Turtle, Second Hand Folk, John Faraone, Becca Guilfoyle
4/11Belmont Club
3/27Dive Bar with Matt Fraza, The Novi Giants, Silhouette Rising, Purple Honey
2/23Dive Bar with Wax On, Space Pony, Without Warning, Aftermath Association
2/8Manchester 65


12/12Columbus Club
12/6Manchester 65
9/29AS220 with Reverend Bastien
9/10The Spot Underground with The Canneries
7/16The Spot Underground with Groove Axiom and Cranston Dean
6/10The Spot Underground with Sister Mary and Haunt the House
6/11AS220 with Hollow Turtle and The Dead Language
5/18SOTP with Demented Poet Society, Steeple Chase Trio, and Brother Moon
5/14AS220 with Hollow Turtle and April's Fury